LED RGB Driver Board 8x8 Matrix Module for Arduino
Full-color RGB matrix driver board is a dedicated full-color RGB matrix designed a Arduino control board module, which in addition to RGB matrix independently driven , but also can be used as an Arduino control panel to use. Very convenient and practical , on-board chip is ATmega 328 chip , board above also raises the ISP interface , you can always give 328 chip burning bootloader. The disadvantage is that unlike other Arduino Uno board , have no leads to the corresponding I / 0 I came out , but leads to a number of IIC interface and power supply interface .

Product Features

6bit color support ;
Support for hardware 16MHZ PWM
No external circuitry
Dedicated GPIO and ADC Interface
Support for hardware URAT and IIC communication
24 -channel constant current channel current up to 100mA per channel
8 -channel constant current source driver current up to 500mA per channel
Power supply : +5 V to +5.3 V.
Current : Max 300mA.
Operating temperature range : -10 ℃ ~ +50 ℃

Hardware Features
Support for multiple cascaded without hardware setup.
RGB color display and supports three kinds of mixed colors.
Dot sequence using Cartesian coordinate system , easy to understand.
Arduino development board supporting separate power supply or an external power supply
When multiple cascading use , if the color is too dark , the supply voltage can be increased to about 5.2v. Do not exceed 5.4V.
When multiple cascading , all data lines connected to the 1st sub- board. ( The origin ( 0,0 ) where the sub-board for the 1st sub-board )