A4 Sheets Heat Toner Transfer Paper for PCB Electronic Prototype DIY
Can not use inkjet printer.
Remove the white paper, printer (or copier) to the PCB map, hit the smooth side, apply to the copper, and iron into the machine or rapid transfer to plate. DIY Transfer Paper (fan-made high-precision electronic circuit board must have the material).
Heat transfer law making circuit boards, circuit board is drawn graphics, printers print in thermal transfer paper, transfer paper and then covered in Bonded Copper, after heating, the melting of the toner completely adsorbed on the deposited copper, and other cool tear off transfer paper, you can see the graphics board has to transfer to the Bonded Copper on the black anti-corrosion layers, that is, we want to map the PCB, and finally to corrosion, and that we want to obtain the PCB board.
Plate with high precision, plate cost, plate-making speed, can produce double-sided.
1, circuit board with a printer to print to the circuit diagram of the smooth thermal transfer paper.
2, Raised with the laminator between 150-180 degrees Celsius, the heat transfer printed circuit side of the paper deposited in the Bonded Copper on the transfer; the system can also be used instead of iron plate machine, hand transfer.
3, Remove the transfer paper after printing, the Bonded into the ferric chloride solution to corrosion.
4, Finally, remove the circuit board using toner.